Welcome back, Cal Zankowski.

Whenever people ask me what separates Evolve College from other programs, one of the first things I reference is the diversity and experience of the faculty. Many of our instructors have been with us for between 15 and 22 years and bring a wealth of practical and clinical experience. So, on that note I would like to welcome back Cal Zankowski to the fold. Cal was an exceptional student at the College before joining the faculty as a supervisor and then SMD Outreach coordinator. Cal stepped away from these roles a few years ago to pursue his dream of opening his own clinic and now that he has done that successfully, he has found the time to  bring his unique style of influence back to the program. We could not be happier .
I would also like to say goodbye, for now, to Tyler Burns and thank him for everything he has contributed to the College. Much like Cal, Tyler was an exceptional student at the College prior to accepting a supervisor position after his graduation. He worked with students in both the clinical and classroom setting, and his presence around the school will be greatly missed. When you have done this as long as I have, it is inevitable that people are going to move on to other positions and projects that improve their lives, and I am always happy for them when those opportunities present themselves. That being said, I am always happier when we can welcome them back from their journeys and gain from their exceptional character and life experiences.
So welcome back Cal and all the best to Tyler, hopefully your path will return to us in the future.