Currently at: Focus Chiropractic and Kinetically Whole Therapies

I love the flexibility I have as an RMT, the ability to choose my hours and how much I work! Both workplaces have such great energy and open communication. I truly believe those are 2 key components that are super important in any setting!

What I loved most about Evolve was, again, the communication AND teamwork. The fact is Evolve College and the staff are super open and welcoming. You can approach anybody for a conversation and with any questions. Everyone is there to help the Massage Therapy students succeed and not bring anybody down. Having a true support team is really important in having not only one succeed, but EVERYONE. I love that. This is coming from somebody who really never had “school smarts”.

It really made for a great experience and truly helped me. My success at Evolve has really changed my life.