Thank you Ambassadors

Hi Everyone,
We kicked off our Ambassador Program just a few weeks ago and already have had four graduates  qualify for their $100.00 gift card: Yris San Gabriel, Ashley Rechik, Lynne Monton and Zach Sylvester have all influenced three incoming Freshman to choose Evolve College (I’m assuming Nikki’s tour had something to do with it as well)
In order to keep the momentum building and provide you an opportunity to support the College within your clinic or place of employment, we had AYoko Design create two beautiful posters that you can chose to hang in your reception area if you would like. We think they are awesome and plan to hang them up around the city as well so if you have any additional connections at say a yoga studio or fitness centre and would like to get a poster to hang, just give us a call and we would be more than happy to provide you one. Take a look at them below and let us know which one you like the best.
It won’t be long now until we can officially show you pictures of our new home renovations. The team starts this week (EJM Construction) and hopefully we will begin the transition late June or early July. There is such a great energy around the College right now, the excitement for and anticipation of our new home is spreading around the country and the applications we are receiving for our next Freshman class are exceeding our expectations.
Thank you again everyone for the exceptional work you are doing in the community and around the world and thank you for your promotion of the College and our mission.