Brendon Apler

Currently at: Equilibrium Massage Therapy and Wellness Centre

The best part of being an R.M.T. is being able to help people in need. It’s great to be able to work independently, as well as in a team environment. Really amazing people to work with at EQ! Jenna, the owner, has really helped me transition to the working massage therapy world and has taught me a few things I may not have gotten otherwise.

Best part of Evolve is the people: the Admin team is awesome, as well as the rest of the faculty. They taught me everything I needed to be a successful Massage Therapist. All I had to do was put in the work. 

  • Jennifer Mitchell

    Currently at: Advanced Massage on Ness. What I like most about being an R.M.T is the accommodating scheduling and the variability of the types of issues I treat. I am grateful for the diverse techniques and treatment methods we were trained in. It allows me to offer my clients more options with which we can

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    Currently at: Focus Chiropractic and Kinetically Whole Therapies I love the flexibility I have as an RMT, the ability to choose my hours and how much I work! Both workplaces have such great energy and open communication. I truly believe those are 2 key components that are super important in any setting! What I loved

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  • Brianne Persoage

    Currently: working from my home and also doing some mobile massage. I love being self-employed as a Massage Therapist, and working totally for myself from the comfort of my own home! Gives me the opportunity to have a really good work/life balance and keep myself sane. I think the biggest takeaway I got from Evolve

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  • John Gainza

    Currently at: Matrix Massage and Anchor Massage Some of the things I love the most about being an R.M.T. are: having a flexible schedule and being in a profession that’s in high demand.   I am grateful for everything Evolve College has done for me. I feel I had the best group of instructors, all well

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  • Beth Keen

    Currently at: The Pure Escape I love working as an RMT because I am making a positive impact on people’s lives. The world is a very stressful place right now and I believe my massage table is a safe space to unwind, relax and feel better. Whether you are coming in with a specific injury

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  • Alumni Testimonial: Jessica Roy

    Jessica Roy – alumni of Evolve College of Massage Therapy.   We absolutely love hearing from our alumni!  It’s great knowing that through all the studying, practising and clinic time, they made our college their home. Jessica graduated from Evolve (at the time Massage Therapy College of Manitoba) in 2016.   Aside from having a busy practice,

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