The Ambassador Program

Ambassador Program
Looking back over the last 24 years we’ve realized that we have done over 1,000 tours of our college to prospective students. In many of those tours we have had 4-6 people and in almost every tour, when we ask if anyone knows someone who has been through our program, we will inevitably get one or two people who have.
We have always felt the best advertisement for our program is the work our graduates do and how they speak about their time at the college. We also have seen first hand how their influence has persuaded many other graduates and current students to choose our program. It is with this in mind that we are launching our new Ambassador reward program. It is quite simple, every time you send us a prospective student, and they actually are accepted as a Freshman in the program, we will thank you with a $100 gift card. We are so grateful that many of you have been doing this naturally for years but it’s time we showed our appreciation in a more tangible way.
Thank you again for the wonderful work you are doing in the community and how you have grown our reputation through your influence.
Garth Beddome and Nikki Spence