John Gainza

Currently at: Matrix Massage and Anchor Massage

Some of the things I love the most about being an R.M.T. are: having a flexible schedule and being in a profession that’s in high demand.  

I am grateful for everything Evolve College has done for me. I feel I had the best group of instructors, all well established within their fields. 

The Director of the College is very welcoming. I knew this school was the right fit for me when I came for a tour. She also led us extremely well through a time of a lot of unknowns during the 2 years I was at Evolve and got us through to the finish line. The Administrator managed to stay on top of everything, as well as troubleshoot any online technical difficulties- I found that she played an important role to help the program function properly. 

Lastly, having a great group of classmates to spend 2 years with was also a highlight.  Everyone got along well and it was a great experience, even going through all that during a pandemic.  There’s always beauty in the struggle. 

The whole experience was awesome! I have no regrets in choosing this school. I always speak highly of Evolve when clients or friends ask where I went to school and I’d repeat it all again if I could. Maybe without the virus this time.