Overview & Schedules

Training at Evolve College of Massage Therapy involves over 2200 hours of intensive theory and practical coursework. Students are in classes a total of 80 weeks and when taken full-time, these weeks consist of four equal semesters spanning 20 months, or what we call the Full-Time, 2 Year Program.

Full-Time – 2 Years

Most people chose to take the Full-Time, 2 Year Program, as mentioned above.  This means that you will be here from Monday to Friday, mostly from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., with some days that are from 1 p.m. to 7 p.m., depending on what semester you’re in.

Year 1 consists of two semesters: Freshman (1st semester) and Sophomore (2nd semester).

Year 2 consists of two semesters as well: Junior (3rd semester) and Senior (4th and final semester).

We follow the public school year calendar fairly closely, which means you get spring break, holidays and summer off.


We have a couple of part-time options, however, note that you will still be here from Monday to Friday during the day, just not every day.  Please note that due to limited part time spaces, we’re only able to accept a small number of part time students each year.

Part-Time to Full-Time – 3 Years

This is a good option if you want to start off slowly for the first two years and then jump into a full-time schedule during your last year.  The cost of the course will be the same as the Full-Time Program, but it’ll be spread out over three years.

Part-Time – 4 Years

This is the truly part time option. Again, like all other options, the courses will still be mostly offered during the day, just not every day and the cost is the same – just spread out over four years. With this option, you will stay in part-time mode for the duration of the program.