Why Evolve

Our Curriculum & Faculty of Distinguished Professionals

Prospective students often ask what distinguishes our massage therapy college from other schools. We believe that everything starts with our curriculum and faculty.

Both challenging and progressive, our courses feature a blend of theory and practical hands-on experience. While understanding the science of our work is imperative, this knowledge is of little use if administered without sensitivity and compassion. At the Evolve College of Massage Therapy (formerly the Massage Therapy College of Manitoba), we explore all aspects of touch and how, through science and art, we can change people’s lives.

Our faculty includes practitioners and instructors dedicated to facilitating a student’s learning. Among our distinguished faculty are doctors, athletic therapists, physiotherapists, and of course, experienced massage therapists, all practicing right here in Winnipeg. This multi-talented group, representing many professions, shares three distinct qualifications: they are all professionals who have a passion for teaching, they are committed to advancing our profession, and finally, they are exceptional people who care about our students as people.

Part-time and full-time options allow us to keep class sizes small and maintain excellent teacher/student ratios. In addition to theory and practical classes, Evolve College of Massage Therapy students are exposed to real clients through our supervised clinical rotations and our community, in-house specialty clinics. Working closely with our local universities, ECMT allows for credit transfer, enabling students to save money and time on approved courses.

We Have a Fresh New Name & a Progressive Approach

Why did we change our name from the Massage Therapy College of Manitoba? For over 20 years, our college has produced exceptional massage therapists under the MTCM name. We have built our reputation around a challenging curriculum, an immensely dedicated faculty, a respect for our profession and a sense of responsibility to the people we serve.

When we decided to move into our spectacular new location on Portage Avenue, we decided this was the ideal opportunity to develop a new name that would complement the move and strengthen our brand. After considerable thought and discussion, the new name became perfectly clear – Evolve College of Massage Therapy, as it wonderfully reflects the rebirth and evolution of our great school.

First and foremost, our college remains committed to maintaining our role and philosophy as a progressive academic institution. By pairing the Evolve name with our college philosophy, we strive for a result synonymous with the expectation of exceptional education in the field of massage therapy.

We Prepare You for a Promising & Rewarding Career

In his bestselling book Life 3.0: Being Human in the Age of Artificial Intelligence, Max Tegmark examines occupations that will be elevated in our new economy – he mentions ‘massage therapist’ several times. In a world where occupations are being eliminated by technology at an alarming rate and opportunities for human contact in our day-to-day lives are also diminishing, massage therapy will continue to be a profession in high demand. ECMT will ensure you are fully prepared for a promising and rewarding career as a Massage Therapist.