Tuition & Financing

We at Evolve College of Massage Therapy understand the cost of education is a considerable expense. In an effort to alleviate any undue burden, we have conveniently spaced your payments throughout the year. If you have received a student loan, we can adjust our payment plan to match your fund schedule. If you require assistance in applying for a loan or acquiring additional funding through bursaries or grants, we are pleased to help in any way we can.

Fees for Year One (2023/24 Program Year)

Tuition $11,075.00
Books/Notes/Supplies/Lockers $2,015.00
Training Completion Fund $110.75
Application Fee $75.00
Total $13,275.75

Fees for Year Two (2023/24 Program Year)

Tuition $10,600.00
Books/Notes/Supplies/Lockers $1,015.00
Training Completion Fund $106.00
Total $11,721.00

PLEASE NOTE fees are subject to change.  Changes to student fees, if any, will be minimal.  Evolve strives to keep student fees at a balanced and stable rate.  Please check back to find out more, or call us at 204.772.8999.

Prior to beginning classes, students are required to pay a deposit of $400.00 that will be applied towards the total cost of tuition. A minimum of $3,624.45 will also be due at the time of your registration. The remainder of the tuition costs can be paid by three post-dated cheques spread throughout the year as outlined to you once your application is accepted. If a student is receiving financial assistance in the form of a student loan, we require a photocopy of the “Notice of Assistance” prior to, or on registration day. Students receiving Manitoba or Canada Student Loans will be required to attend a one hour workshop on loan management before funds can be released.

What is Included in Your Tuition?

Your tuition includes all student fees, books, notes and materials needed for your learning here at the college. Since some of the students coming to the college have already purchased a massage table, and since this purchase is unique to each student based on size and personal choice, we leave this purchase to each individual. You will not need to purchase a massage table during the course of your studies at the college since we provide the space and time for you to practice on our tables on site. If you wish to purchase one for your own practice at home anyway, we will be happy to assist you in your choice.

Funding Options

If you are not able to fund your own way through the Massage Therapy Program, we have a few suggestions that may help you. The first thing to do is to determine what situation applies to you:

  • If you’re unemployed or have been laid off, chances are you may qualify for Employment Manitoba financial assistance. You can find out more on their website.
  • For Metis, there’s funding available as well and you can find out more at
  • Manitoba Student Aid is a great option for students as well. You can apply online (which is faster than in-person) at Once you apply, it only takes a couple of weeks to find out if you qualify or not. The great thing about government student loans is that they do not accrue interest while you are attending school and you may also qualify for government bursaries and grants, which you won’t have to pay back.
  • If you do not qualify for any of the options above, you may want to talk to your local bank or credit union, to see if you qualify for a student line of credit. Even though it’s a more expensive option, it will allow you to pursue your education and pay back after you graduate.