Making Progress In Our New Space

The tease of our beautiful home page sketches, provided by the talented Lyndsay Stokes, will soon be replaced by the actual pictures of our new home renovations. The project officially started this past week and I look forward to updating our progress on a regular basis through this blog. The images you see reflect the enormous amount of natural light coming in through our classroom windows. Strategically placed glazed glass panels throughout the opposite classroom walls will allow this light to flow into our student lounge, conference room and corridor hallways as well. We are still in the demolition stage of existing walls but these images still give you a sense of how much more room we will have available to the students and the modern, fresh vibe the College will exude. Framing should begin early next week and our next set of pictures will give you an even better sense of how the College will actually be laid out.
I hope you are as excited as we are to watch the development of the space in the weeks to come. Maybe we should get our own HGTV show, my favourite is Fixer Upper with Joanne and Chip.
Stay tuned,