Donate to Cody Zankowski’s Award

Alumni and Friends of Evolve College

We are asking for your help to keep the “Cody Zankowski Love for Life” Award alive.

For years, Cal Zankowski has been tirelessly working to keep the “Cody Zankowski Love for Life Award” going and now we are asking for your help to allow it to continue to be offered to a deserving graduate each year. In order to keep Cody’s spirit alive through this wonderful honorarium, we are hosting a “virtual massage-a-thon.”

How does it work? During the busy month December (or the quieter month of January) we are asking you to give a massage to a client, friend or family member in exchange for a donation (any amount is helpful!).

Donations can then be shared through our gofundme link

This monetary award is given to a deserving graduate who has found success through our program despite facing struggles and hardship along the way and is a wonderful honor in memory of Cal’s sweet, life-loving son, Cody.

We ask that you donate and challenge your friends to do the same.