Alumni Testimonial: Jessica Roy

Jessica Roy – alumni of Evolve College of Massage Therapy.


We absolutely love hearing from our alumni!  It’s great knowing that through all the studying, practising and clinic time, they made our college their home. Jessica graduated from Evolve (at the time Massage Therapy College of Manitoba) in 2016.   Aside from having a busy practice, Jess assists us often with our Winnipeg Blue Bomber Camps, as well as Clinic Supervision.  In fact, if you come in on a Wednesday evening clinic, you can meet her in person!

Here’s her story in her own words:

I knew as soon as I read the mission statement during my tour of the college that I had found the right fit for me. Garth Beddome, owner of Evolve College, had shown me about the college and ended the tour with the mission statement which encompasses many of the values that I hold dear. It mentions encouraging and being respectful to others, being progressive and challenging in our learning, and making sure there is passion and humour in all we do.

Those are great words which alone are nice, but when added to the fantastic instructors, they come to life. These are instructors who when I first started I was in awe of, they were full of life and passionate in sharing their experiences and knowledge. Each one of them are great instructors and even better people.

I have since graduated and have a successful practice which I am proud of. I’ve had the opportunity to work with amateur and professional athletes, young children, and everyone else in between. Evolve College prepared me for a career that challenges me, impassions me, and allows me the opportunity to grow as a person and professionally.

Jessica Roy RMT


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