Alumni Testimonial by Devin Beaudry

We absolutely love it when we hear stories like Devin’s.  Devin comes in to help us out with clinic supervision once in a while, so we were thrilled when he agreed to tell his story.  Here it is in his own words.


Massage Therapy is my second career. I completed 35 years of service to Canada in the Canadian Armed Forces in January 2013. In 2008 I had decided that I would study and train to be a massage therapist after meeting and discussing the possibility of massage as a second career with a fellow hockey official, Ryan Galloway, who had graduated from the Massage Therapy College of Manitoba, now Evolve College of Massage Therapy.

After my retirement, I attended the tour that all prospective students undergo and was made to feel right at home. I decided to attend Evolve due to the strong sports theme that it’s well known for. From the very beginning of the two-year program, I knew that the choice was a good one.

As most can probably attest to, going to school 35 years after attending high school can be pretty daunting. The cobwebs are pretty thick in the places that you require for the critical thinking that is needed to complete all the studies within the program. I was nervous not only because of my age (53) , but also because I was no longer under the auspices of the government who does everything for you including what you wore on a daily basis.

As the months went by, the Instructors were revealed to be First Rate in their field of expertise, and they did not hesitate to give a helping hand and/or provide assistance whenever needed.

Supervision is one of the most important aspects of massage, to ensure the student understands the techniques as well as to the why of the technique.

Evolve stresses the importance of having excellent supervisory staff for each and every level of massage therapy. From the first week of class to almost the very last class in the two year program, supervision is front and center.

When I graduated from the two year program, I felt very confident in my skills as a Massage therapist due to the many hours of supervision and from the professional learning from all the Educational Staff.

Now that the College has undergone a location change as well as a name change, I am very confident that in the years to come, the vision of the Evolve College of Massage Therapy remains the same and that is to graduate into the profession exceptional massage therapists who have the required skills and knowledge to work and excel in numerous exciting and rewarding massage environments.