Welcome to Our Brand New Website

You must be wondering what’s going on around here at the Massage Therapy College of Manitoba? New name? New location?

New name? Yes. We have decided to ‘evolve’. Our new name is Evolve College of Massage Therapy (read more here), and we’re currently preparing for our big move this spring.

We have not moved yet, so please continue to visit us at 691 Wolseley Avenue for clinic appointments, information tours and the chance for you to learn more about our new college.

We have also revamped our Clinic Booking page, and you should find it much easier to navigate and book. You’re able to see at a glance what dates and times are available for the week, as well as how many spots are open, if you want to book more than one person for the same time slot.

How about those drawings on the home page? We are so excited to see them come to life in our new space. Our Interior Designer has spent a considerable amount of time, along with our architect, contractor and marketing consultant, developing a look that reflects our evolution and overall intention.

We are all so excited about these advancements for both our college and the profession, and we want to reassure everyone that the same quality education provided by the Massage Therapy College of Manitoba for over 20 years, will be the foundation on which Evolve College of Massage Therapy will continue to grow.

We hope we get to see you soon, whether you are thinking of becoming a Massage Therapist or treating yourself to a massage in our student clinic.