Nikki Spence

BPE, RMT and Director of the Massage Therapy College of Manitoba

Nikki graduated from the Massage Therapy College of Manitoba with honours in 2002 and also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Physical Education from the University of Manitoba. A soccer player for many years, Nikki pursued her love of sports and sport therapy by taking postgraduate studies at the University of Winnipeg in the athletic therapy department. Nikki is the proud mother of two and maintains a hectic pace as Instructor and Director at our college while treating a variety of patients at her home-based massage therapy practice. Nikki has had experience in various roles over her 15 years in our ECMT faculty including: Arthritis Outreach and Clinic Supervisor; Freshman, Sophomore and Junior semester supervisor, Anatomy Lab and Assessment Lab instructor and Case Study Supervisor. As a board member of a national massage therapy association board of directors, Nikki is passionate about the professional advancement of this wonderful profession and learns a lot about the career of massage therapy across Canada.
As Director of Evolve College of Massage Therapy, Nikki works closely with the students, faculty, and curriculum of our program. Blending her knowledge of the landscape of the Massage Therapy profession with her passion for this amazing career, Nikki plays a role in the evolution of ECMT and is honoured to be part of our administrative team.